Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Gluttony trip to Kuching

So, one random day I suddenly decided to buy tickets to Kuching. That was how my amazing trip began. My friends from Sibu and Limbang were also excited that I was headed to East Malaysia so without hesitating, they too bought their flight tickets (yes, i have amazing friends).

After a long day at work, 5pm finally arrived and I excitedly drove home and took the bus to JB Central. Surprisingly, for travellers on Air Asia, we get to go on a free non-stop bus ride to Senai Airport (woohoo. Thanks Air Asia and Causeway Link).

Having arrived in Kuching late at night, after picking me up from the airport, we went to a few makan places but they were all closed. So we decided to call it a night.

I had an amazing time with these lovely girls (yes, I have very pretty friends).

Before the trip, Michelle (the host) asked if I was craving to eat anything (it's my 3rd trip to Kuching so yes, it naturally became an eat-as-much-as-I-can) trip. Since I really love eating, we had a variety of cuisine ranging from local Sarawak delicacies to Thai to Korean.

From the top left, working my way clockwise, that's some yummy kimbap, japchae, seafood Tom Yum soup, Sarawak laksa, kolo mee, satay, mee tomato (with crispy noodles), pineapple fried rice and right in the middle is peanut spread toast with chocolate drizzle.

The picture actually only showed half of what we ate in Kuching. On the first day, I was excitedly taking pictures and stopping my friends before they dig in but after that, I could not resist the temptation of the food any further and before I know it, the food was all in my tummy already. Haha.

The next day, I rang up a friend who happened to work in Kuching as well out for dinner. This time, we had Thai food and honestly speaking, the seafood tom yum soup and the pandan chicken was awesome. My tummy was very happy that day.
My trip is never complete without desserts and so ta-daa. Here they are.

Friends who know me would know that the highlight of my meals is always the desserts. Since I am a frequent Starbucks visitor, my friends naturally brought me there to satisfy my sweet tooth cravings. My favourite drink is always green tea frappucino. :) Then there's chocolate cake from Tom's cafe, methahon (superbly refreshing shaved ice dessert with fruits and jelly), Taiwanese shaved ice with fruits and ice cream, white lady (the local version of a fruit punch), teh-C special (3 layer milk tea) that is a MUST have, peanut spread toast with chocolate drizzle  and lastly the glutinous rice balls.
These desserts do not only look pretty but they taste excellent as well. Especially the Double chocolate praline cake from #Tomscafe. The chocolate was so rich and we were definitely satisfied by our cafe choice.

Of course what is a trip without some selfies. So here are some pictures of us being vain. :P

On the last day, I thought to myself why must this trip end so quickly (it was a short 3 days, 3 nights trip). I was so reluctant to go back (symdrome tak mau balik) but that morning, one of my friends suddenly reminded me that another 2 gorgeous friends would be in town for a mutual friend's wedding. So we immediately arranged for a quick meet up and we picked them up from the church after our breakfast with Michelle's mum and sister.

So, the five of us decided to buy some Sarawak kek lapis (delicious local cake with assorted flavours) both as souvenirs and to fill our tummies. To our surprise, Michelle brought us to the waterfront, parked and told us that we are taking the sampan across the Rejang River to buy the kek lapis. We were immediately excited as it was a long time since we have been on a sampan.

Obviously we had a wefie with our haul from #MiraCakeHouse (the kek lapis here was really good. It was not very oily and tasted just right as it wasn't too sweet nor bland) and then decided to go for some local tea-time delicacies. So that's another wefie with our 'Sotong kangkung' (cuttlefish and kangkung in rojak sauce topped with some peanut), umai (jellyfish cold platter) and belacan beehoon. The food was awesome.

That marks the end of my eat-all-I-can trip to Kuching. Although it was short, I spent some awesome time with the girls and though everything was last minute, we realised that we really enjoy each other's company and that's all that matters.

Min ^^

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