Sunday, 18 January 2015

The start of a new beginning

What is a start? 

What is a good start?

What is a beginning? 

Well, everything is not as simple as how you see it. There are many ways that you can look into this matter. Many people would see opportunities as an open door to the next space. A space unknown and waiting to be ventured but how many would actually see that you are actually making a new path? A new path leaving behind the place that you have familiarised yourself in the search of that door? This place that you may have been in for a long long time just waiting for the door to open. Has it been comfortable?

Taking a step forward into that open door without looking back is probably what many would do but there are people who would just stare at the door and never make that step. For no matter how dark the current room may be, they have grown interest in the room and felt attached to the room. This is just life.

So no matter what you do, as long as you do not harm anyone whether intentionally or unintentionally, just live your life and be happy. What decisions you make today would determine what doors open up in front of you in the future. 

If you ever feel uncomfortable with your decision, it is never too late to turn back as long as you remember the path you have taken and learn something new from the wrong path. Always remember that regretting not exploring your other options when you are driven into a dead end is worse than taking the time and return to where you started. 

It is not time that is lost but experience that was gained.



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