Saturday, 4 May 2013

Catlins Trip

My posts are usually filled with lots and lots of pictures but this time, there will only be 4 pictures. Not because I am lazy (Ehem.... we all know the truth.. :) ) but I just thought that I should spend a little more time writing.  :)

Recently, I got asked many times if the pictures I post on my blog are pictures that I have taken or just some random pictures I took off the internet. Hmm... Haha. Lets see. I don't remember posting something that I got off the internet here without acknowledging it. So yeah, the pictures mark the places that I have been to, people I have met and things that I've done. :)

So, here it goes.

Easter break seem like ages ago but I couldn't find time to edit the pictures (or rather I am just currently procrastinating). A few of my friends and I decided that we can't let Easter break off the hook without actually doing something fun (not that I have a boring life...) so we randomly decided to go on a day trip to Catlins.

The journey was awesome. We spent the whole trip singing, laughing and chatting away like nobody's business. It is exactly how I would imagine a road trip would be.

The first place we went was Nugget Point. We were really lucky during this trip because while driving down to Catlins from Dunedin, the weather was either raining, misty or cloudy. At some point, we even thought if we should turn back because we won't be able to get down from the car even if we manage to find the place. Oh, did I mention that we had a GPS but I think me being Malaysian, it stands for 'Guna Pun Sesat' for me. Haha. Nonetheless, we were making too much noise during the trip and we were having so much fun that we just can't be bothered turning around. :) Anyway, we made it to the place and we know we were right to be persistent. The view was just breathtaking. The skies cleared up so we could walk up towards the lighthouse and for me to capture this beautiful scenery. The water was so clear and I just can't help but smile to myself everytime I see this picture.

Then we hopped back into the car to have some pre-packed lunch (I made some sandwiches.. :) yay) before setting off again. We literally had to eat in the car because the wind was just too strong. We packed lunch so we could have a picnic there but things didn't turn out our way. :) Anyhow, we then made it to our next destination a.k.a Purakaunui Falls. The picture speaks a thousand words. This place was awesome!!! Too beautiful to miss if you are travelling to Coastal Otago. :)

After taking a few (too many selcas to even put it up here), we got back into the car and our faithful driver continued driving. lalala~~

Then we spotted this cute little lamb trapped outside the fence. The little one must have been naughty and jumped over the fence but ended up regretting when all its other mates were running away leaving it on the other side of the fence. So here is the picture of the emo lamb. :)

We were actually heading to Curio Bay and Niagara Falls (yup, you guessed right. There's a Niagara Falls here in New Zealand) but unfortunately, it was already getting dark and we had other arrangements that night. ~sad song playing~~~ Anyway, we stopped by this beautiful and clean beach, took some photos (again, too many selcas to even post it up), then headed back to Dunedin.

We truly enjoyed the trip and would definitely recommend these places to anyone who wants to go on a day trip around the Coastal Otago. :)

Till then...



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