Sunday, 4 November 2012

Of ham, meatballs and lamb

Well, just as mentioned in the title, this post is going to have some mouth watering dishes and we shall start off with one of the dishes that tasted fantastic.

Ham!!! Yummm... It wasn't thanksgiving or Christmas but we had yummy ham but to be honest, I didn't contribute to the preparation of this amazing dish. The ham was so well done and there was no secret. The master-chef said all he used was apricot jam and there's no need for fancy garnish on it. :)

Dinner was amazing. The ham tasted so good and we really enjoyed the night. :)
 After seeing pictures of food prepared by other people, I think it's time to see what I am capable of preparing (haha. I'm not that good at this actually. :) Haha)

So, after exams, I just suddenly have this urge to cook so I decided to make stuff up. These are totally random dishes because I went to the supermarket to get ingredients and just bought what I felt like. :) I didn't follow any specific recipe and just chucked whatever I thought would taste good in it but these really taste great. :)

This is the eggplant plus meatball dish during the preparation process. Just before I chuck in the sauce. It's a relatively simple dish to make but don't be fooled by the presentation. Eggplants actually soak up a lot of oil and I fried both the meatballs and the eggplant so this dish is not as healthy as it may seem. Owh well, getting on with the dish, for the meatballs, I marinated the pork mince with cajun seasoning and soy sauce. Simple yet yum. I also added some mushed up mushroom into the meatballs just for some flavouring, rolled them up into balls and fried them.

This is the end product of the dish. After frying the meatballs and the eggplant, I made the sauce from black pepper, oyster sauce, soy sauce, chillies, green peas and onions. The ingredients made it really oriental but tastes really good. The sauce was quite thick and really goes well with the meatballs. :)
Right, then after making the eggplant dish, I went on a cooking frenzy and decided to make sweet and sour prawns and steamed peas. This is quite healthy except if you discard the amount of uric acid in the prawns. Haha. I totally cheated on this dish. I used instant mix of the sweet and sour sauce but still, it was really yummy. :)

A week later, I was walking in the supermarket thinking what should I have this week and I came across this lamb rack that really caught my attention. God only knows why it was so tempting but I bought a whole rack and grilled it. I marinated it with mixed herb (some mint and whatever dehydrated herbs I could find in my cupboard) and some soy sauce, stuck it in the oven and let it grill for about 20 minutes. The results? It was so good. It wasn't overcooked so I really enjoyed it. I had steamed asparagus with it and some Greek Yoghurt to go with it. Loved the dish. :)

Since I bought a whole rack, for dinner, I pan fried the lamb ribs. It tasted awesome. I didn't use any oil and only used the oil from the lamb itself to fry it and gosh, the taste was so good. I had it with sesame buns (which I got from the supermarket) and Greek Yoghurt. Such a great blend of taste. The sesame bun tasted so good when I pan fried it in the lamb oil... Oooh la la~~ I know it has high cholesterol but I can't help it. Haha.

That's the few dishes I was keen on sharing with everyone on my blog. Haha. Now I'm hungry. :)



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