Sunday, 8 April 2012

Fishing trip

We decided that we have to do something fun for the Easter holidays and the boys wanted to go fishing. I was like "Should be a good photo opportunity" so I jumped into the car with them and this is what I manage to capture on lens. I think that the picture quality is not good enough to portray the beauty of the pond we went to but owh well... This is the best an amateur can offer. Haha. Hope you guys like it.

A wetted spider web with the little spider in the middle.

Another coloured spider. These spiders diligently spun their webs and made it so gorgeous. I love mother nature. She never stops impressing me.

A view of the lake from my wide angle lens. Was cleaning my lens and looking at it under the sun when I realised that I could do this. I was so excited and couldn't stop admiring it. LOL
These little yellow flowers brighten up my day. ^^

Working very hard to attract the fishes... ^^
These were everywhere around the lake and I couldn't help but stop and admire their beauty (which includes taking a snapshot of it). Haha.
I like this picture.... Haha. Self praise. LOL
I've had enough of yellow so I decided to get pictures of greens instead... ^^

A view of the lake. Isn't it just gorgeous? ^^
I thought it would be nice to have a caption on my pictures once in a while.. ^^ Cheers. This is indeed very valuable in life so when helping people, make sure you truly help them so that they can benefit in the future and not just benefiting in the present.

Well, this is all i have this week. I'll be heading off to Queenstown this Easter so watch out for my new post ya.



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