Saturday, 23 July 2011


Audacity is an interesting word to think about.

How is it measured? How do we acknowledge someone as audacious?

One may say that someone is called audacious when they are willing to take risks but what does it mean by risks?

A young child may regard walking as a risk because they may fall over. Does that mean that walking is risky? Can it be generalised?

Let me just say that life is a risk. Anyone willing to take up the challenge and face lie everyday is audacious. Nobody can call anyone a coward because they made the right choice of waking up to this impermanent life. We do not know when are we going to die and yet people make plans for the future because they know that there is no point in being afraid of the future and neglecting the present. What we have may be temporary but this temporary happiness is a bliss. A bliss that God rewarded us and we are meant to cherish it.

Cherish every moment you have. Treat everyone as an equal and face life like no other. Start your days with a smile and end it by thanking God for all the joy we had and all the lessons we learnt. Be it bitter or sweet.

Face life like a brave dragon.



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