Gluttony trip to Kuching

So, one random day I suddenly decided to buy tickets to Kuching. That was how my amazing trip began.

Gelang Patah Seafood Hunt

One of the best seafood place that I have tasted (in Johor).

Yummy Laksa Johor

The famous Tampoi Laksa that would make anyone's salivary glands working.

Trip to Palmerston North

So, from Dunedin, I flew up to Palmerston North for about a week for my placement in Palmerston North. Though it was meant to be strictly business only, I managed to have fun and as usual, just hang out with friends I cherish most. :)

Pancake Rocks

Popular stop for tourists when they are travelling along the West Coast of South Island. These rocks are actually limestones that were heavily eroded by the mildly acidic rain, wind and seawater formed about 30 million years ago from minute fragments of dead marine creatures and plants that landed on the seabed about 2km below the surface.

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Never take news lightly

Most of us would shrug off the idea that we are in danger and this projects to our circle of family and friends. This is a natural mechanism of our body to avoid ourselves from getting shock but how we react to these situations is the most important part.

I received a text from a friend recently claiming that he cant't breathe and I thought I know him well enough to think that it might be a prank. So I rang back and obviously he can't speak. Although I was in the middle of an appointment, I rushed to meet him and all along the way, I kept thinking of the possibilities that it might just be a joke. I was even prepared to shout out "This is not funny!" when I meet him. Anyway, all he sent was an estimated location and a picture of what is in front of him. With that, I drove along the highway but still did not see him. I tried ringing him again but this time, he picked up but did not utter a single word. I panicked and bad thoughts started flooded my mind. It hit me that this might be real.

I immediately make a u-turn and tried to look for him again. I finally found his car at the road shoulder. Without hesitation, I ran to his car, saw him gasping for air and assisted him into my car. Amidst all the confusion, I was glad that I was able to think rationally and searched his car for 2 most important things: his ID and his phone (to ring his family).

I drove him to the emergency department of the nearby hospital and when I sank at the chair of the waiting area, the reality started hitting me. I felt so bad for my late response. What if it was serious? Why did I even doubt my good friend that he might be playing a joke on me? It took me an hour from the time he first texted me for help to when I picked him up.

I heaved a heavy sigh of relief when I saw him walking out of the emergency department several hours later and mentioned he was discharged.

Well, I hope that this does not happen to anyone else for I strongly suggest that even when you think somebody is pranking you, take that seriously for you might never know when they are really in trouble.